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Today was valentine's day. It's not like I'm feeling down for that or something (OMGOSH I only write in special occasions eg: hallowen, this. This. THISSSSS) it's just I'm tired so current mood? Tired, any else? Nope. Guess i'm lazy too.

I say I was going to bring male icons so here it's him. Snow. Like Capitol's president but a hundred percent hot and in all ways preferable.
Do I sound rude? I tend to be rude when I'm feeling tired but without pretending it. Well, cool Kay, I suppose no one wants to be rude right? 

Just for all of you to know (and you probably don't care) Snow it's not my favorite male character on ff series. The order goes more or less this way -> Balthier (FFXII), Locke (FFVI) and Tidus (FFX) These doesn't have an specific order because I can pick between them, then cames Snow, Zidane and the rest. I'm praying for Noctis to get a chance against top 3. Obviously this is a list of characters that had conquered my heart not about the one's with the best personality (of course for me they have the best personality in the whole world but I know there are others with better one, more mature more  developed.)  hahaha I like that. I'm going to leave it like that.

So I can't sleep. And because of that i'm writing this thing...Guess what? You are going to read about why I like more games apart of FF or KH. I know you think I only care about (if you know me a little lol) Final Fantasy. X for being more precise. But that's not trueeeeee. My first game was indeed FFX, or Pokemon, but tbh never liked Pokemon the way I did with 10. You should know I was playing Zelda all day by that time too or that I played KH (okay KH&FF you always said, cool again Kay) or Animal Crossing and THE SIMS. The only genre i don't enjoy are shooters because I still getting into use both analog sticks, poor me. The camera goes like crazy I just don't manage to control it. But I enjoy action ones as DMC, MGS (it's the only shooter I swear), Shadow of the Colossus (nevermind is a rpg ) Bloodborne or AC for example. It's just I never edit with them. Don't know why. Definitely it'll come a day I edit with those. (whenmylaptophasspace, whenthedamnthingdon'tcrushevery5minutes) 

And with all this...I'm sleepy, in better mood ;) See you, you whoever read this I  ♥ U.
Happy Valentine's day.