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I'm not good at new starts and summer ended up so quickly that i don't know what I've done. Well hell yeah I know, nothing.
We went to Lisbon which is an amazing place and stay there for nosalive (okay nope that wasn't the reason buut we stay one day at nos) Meanwhile i visited Sintra, Estoril and oc Lisbon. Not much but all of it gorgeous.

Then I got countryside and more countryside and me doing nothing. Wahuu I'm amazing because now i'm complaining about it when I didn't concern properly at the beginning.

I have mixed feelings. That is why I made that gif; I could be Lenne accepting with sorrow what awaits or I could be Shuyin. Sadly I guess I am more in Lenne's side *sighs*

I don't know what to do or what dream I should go for so I'm going to sleep for now.

Conclusion: oh dream little dream where are you??