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2016-11-13 03:26 pm

I HAVE A PS4!!!!!!!

 I know I know I haven't posted in a whole year (well almost) but I'M BACK and in fact no one read this. So we are okay.

1st: I BOUGHT (correction: my parents) A PS4!! It's a two years christmas's present and a birthday's but don't care. It's too awesome :D 
2nd: Need to upgrade my grades or I'll feel awful about the last thing (this comes first being honest)
3th: So now I will finally play FFXV & KH 2.8 & FFX HD (in ps4) and Type 0 (no more psp version) & The last Guardian ♥ & Horizon: Zero Dawn & Bloodborne & Dark Souls & Metal Gear & ODIN SPHERE REMASTER MY LORDDDD & KH 1.5 and 2.5 and III (when it came out).

Whoa seriously I'm so happy

4th: My computer is about to die but those are no news. The news are that now I can't edit.
I CAN'T EDITTTTT *unstoppable cries* 
5th: I still writing that story about the emperador and the birds and I'm loving it so much, I would love to draw a comic.
6th: Which leads me to say that I am planing on go to the gym -not related with the last topic I know- and on take up art classes -see it was related- 
7th: Seriously I would love to work being a graphic designer, or a fashion designer or a videogame maker or a animator *sights* I guess I did it wrong lol 
8th: My brother is out, living in another country for the first time in his,our lives, and idk it's weird to not heard him screaming because someone kill him in a game or it's talking with skype. The good thing is I can sleep fast without hearing him lol.
9th: this academic year is passing so fast that i'm not sure if it's bad or good.
10th: I'm stressed as...heeeelp. No seriously you have no idea.

And that's all for today cause I don't want to write anymore. Hopehopehope that by the next time I talk to you everything will be even better :)
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2016-02-14 11:44 pm

Well okay yeah, I'm a little bit down.

Today was valentine's day. It's not like I'm feeling down for that or something (OMGOSH I only write in special occasions eg: hallowen, this. This. THISSSSS) it's just I'm tired so current mood? Tired, any else? Nope. Guess i'm lazy too.

I say I was going to bring male icons so here it's him. Snow. Like Capitol's president but a hundred percent hot and in all ways preferable.
Do I sound rude? I tend to be rude when I'm feeling tired but without pretending it. Well, cool Kay, I suppose no one wants to be rude right? 

Just for all of you to know (and you probably don't care) Snow it's not my favorite male character on ff series. The order goes more or less this way -> Balthier (FFXII), Locke (FFVI) and Tidus (FFX) These doesn't have an specific order because I can pick between them, then cames Snow, Zidane and the rest. I'm praying for Noctis to get a chance against top 3. Obviously this is a list of characters that had conquered my heart not about the one's with the best personality (of course for me they have the best personality in the whole world but I know there are others with better one, more mature more  developed.)  hahaha I like that. I'm going to leave it like that.

So I can't sleep. And because of that i'm writing this thing...Guess what? You are going to read about why I like more games apart of FF or KH. I know you think I only care about (if you know me a little lol) Final Fantasy. X for being more precise. But that's not trueeeeee. My first game was indeed FFX, or Pokemon, but tbh never liked Pokemon the way I did with 10. You should know I was playing Zelda all day by that time too or that I played KH (okay KH&FF you always said, cool again Kay) or Animal Crossing and THE SIMS. The only genre i don't enjoy are shooters because I still getting into use both analog sticks, poor me. The camera goes like crazy I just don't manage to control it. But I enjoy action ones as DMC, MGS (it's the only shooter I swear), Shadow of the Colossus (nevermind is a rpg ) Bloodborne or AC for example. It's just I never edit with them. Don't know why. Definitely it'll come a day I edit with those. (whenmylaptophasspace, whenthedamnthingdon'tcrushevery5minutes) 

And with all this...I'm sleepy, in better mood ;) See you, you whoever read this I  ♥ U.
Happy Valentine's day.
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2015-10-31 12:28 am


 It is is halloween!

Happy birthday M! I know you are not going to read this but tbh I wanted to make clear it's your day :DD

I'm checking how does the icon look If I post this entry so...(I'm a liarrrr~ I just make that up...Idk what to talk about.)

See you when I edit this in proper way!

Edit#1: I have to start bringing male Icons. I MUST.

Edit #2: Due to the amount of months passed I decided to start a new entry and let this one behind. Thank you for your understanding. LOOOOL
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2015-10-29 03:03 pm

It's almost halloween

CURRENT MOOD: (Hopefull?)
LISTENING: ICO and Shadow of the colosus OST

Hello everyone!

I've been feeling a little down for a couple of weeks and I decided it was time for me to RISE and SHINE again -weeeell maybe not that way- (dot dot dot) But yeah why not?

Halloween it's around the corner and I hope it will be amazing because last year I couldn't do anything and I really regret it. The thing it's my family never celebrates this festivity so I'm always hanging out with friends -basically I have a friend whose birth's that day, awesome right?-

So here's a list of costumes i'm thinking about:
- Harley Quinn
- The Vampire Diaries -Katherine- (probably the chosen one)
- New version of Jester/fool with a friend.


I'm writing a book which is about bird people and they king vs an emperor and his dogma (sounds like a story for kids but it's not). That's the prologue bc the real story it's not about those two but you know? I just love the characters so much that I'm about to draw them. God if I didn't suck at drawing...

Oh and I am playing ffvi and I adore all the characters specially Celes, locke, Terra, Mog and Relm (I don't have gogo yet or the yeti but I want theeeeeem *^*)
Terra's theme is incredible! And the scene in Opera House!!!! (Hype increases 1000000000 points)
Btw Ultros you're so adorable hahahahaha. I don't know how many times I'll have to defeat you, but I'm on my third one :)

I don't know what I didn't put a reading section on top but nevermind I'm reading The Fire Sermon. It was amazing at the beginning but it turn out to be quite...slow. Yes that's the word I was looking for. I like it yet I think it could be less descriptive, not even descriptive. The action should have take part waay before that at the end of the book. We have action at the beginning and at the end, the rest it's a loooong journey. I bought this one with An Ember in the Ases and I'm glad I read the second one first because I loved it.
And well that's all...I think.
See you next time!!
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2015-09-19 11:33 pm

Oh dream little dream


I'm not good at new starts and summer ended up so quickly that i don't know what I've done. Well hell yeah I know, nothing.
We went to Lisbon which is an amazing place and stay there for nosalive (okay nope that wasn't the reason buut we stay one day at nos) Meanwhile i visited Sintra, Estoril and oc Lisbon. Not much but all of it gorgeous.

Then I got countryside and more countryside and me doing nothing. Wahuu I'm amazing because now i'm complaining about it when I didn't concern properly at the beginning.

I have mixed feelings. That is why I made that gif; I could be Lenne accepting with sorrow what awaits or I could be Shuyin. Sadly I guess I am more in Lenne's side *sighs*

I don't know what to do or what dream I should go for so I'm going to sleep for now.

Conclusion: oh dream little dream where are you??
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2015-06-01 12:00 am


CURRENT MOOD: (Cheerful?)


Yesh. So I've this whole week full of exams but i'm feeling happy you know? Maybe it's because the good weather or maybe I'M NEAR TO FINISH MY CLASSES AND I'M SOO EXCITED ABOUT IT.
SUMMER IS BACK. I'm a person who likes the good weather, the pool, the beach, the sun...OH MY, FOREVERRRR.

Well I finished Hair Of Fire. I'm so disappointed, [SPOILERR AHEAD] i mean I've always been obsessed with Chaol. I ship him with Celaena. WHY?? WHY YOU ROWAN??? hahaha Don't get me wrong i like Rowan too but not that much. CHAOL IS A LOOOORD! And really feels like I know, everybody knows, he is going to die someday. I spent the whole book definitely not thinking anything more than that lol so hope he don't. NEVER.

And as I said before I'm playing Type 0 but finally in Spanish. I'm near the end of game and that's why i haven't played in a couple of weeks. I don't want them...just you all know. And I'm so selfish or whatever but Machina... man you're just so silly! I know he is going to regret it but I can't not forgive him that easily, i don't care if it's all up to him and he decides to repair the world blahblahblah You better take care of your wife machina!! Otherwise i don't know what I'll do to you! (jk) The truth it's he's alredy forgiven, but I can't endure to watch that ending.

Really this things happend to me because of my usual behaviour of watching fmvs before playing games. And it's wrong. Zack Fair has been near to die like one thousand times since 2008, but he could never achive to see Angeal again. I didn't let him. I CAN'T KILL HIM GOD. I CAN'T. But I made a promess with a friend of letting him go someday, don't worry hahaha (Well to be fair I don't think i would ever let him xD he's not death for me. Which leads me to...)

[[[[[[CLOUD AND AERIS ARE CANON even if you don't like it. And yeah, either way ZACK AND AERIS are canon too. (yesh i had to say it!!) Aeris is such a REAL LUCKY GIRL. I wanna be her xD]]]]]]]

So as i was saying...In conclusion I have the same problem with the Type0 class. 

I'm not a good player. If someone had warned me before about the end of ffx I probably hasn't finish it yet. That was a shock too. 

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2015-03-10 08:42 pm


Well, right. That will be easy. I mean the easy solution to the problem not the fact of someone coming with the
earnest decision.
This is it. World is this with you having to be ready for it.
Move. No matter what.
Think. Even when you're feeling dizzy.
Be in peace with your own self.
Smile. Beacuse there's so much more in you than anger or sadness.
Be whoever you want to be. You can be ANYONE you can do ANYTHING you want.
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2015-03-02 12:29 am


- HEIR OF FIRE (actually reading)
- The Mortal Instruments (6/Not even started)
- Anna Karenina (Not even started)
- Pride and Perjuice (In pause.)]

- Type 0 [psp version and quite bad, only a bunch of days to have the ps4 versio
actually in spanish wooho)]

- American snipper
- PAN (2015)]

- Chocolate.
- A new mobile phone (actual one's broke)
- Clothes (just because I want to)]

Oh and I'm testing the page!
Cheers <3