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 I know I know I haven't posted in a whole year (well almost) but I'M BACK and in fact no one read this. So we are okay.

1st: I BOUGHT (correction: my parents) A PS4!! It's a two years christmas's present and a birthday's but don't care. It's too awesome :D 
2nd: Need to upgrade my grades or I'll feel awful about the last thing (this comes first being honest)
3th: So now I will finally play FFXV & KH 2.8 & FFX HD (in ps4) and Type 0 (no more psp version) & The last Guardian ♥ & Horizon: Zero Dawn & Bloodborne & Dark Souls & Metal Gear & ODIN SPHERE REMASTER MY LORDDDD & KH 1.5 and 2.5 and III (when it came out).

Whoa seriously I'm so happy

4th: My computer is about to die but those are no news. The news are that now I can't edit.
I CAN'T EDITTTTT *unstoppable cries* 
5th: I still writing that story about the emperador and the birds and I'm loving it so much, I would love to draw a comic.
6th: Which leads me to say that I am planing on go to the gym -not related with the last topic I know- and on take up art classes -see it was related- 
7th: Seriously I would love to work being a graphic designer, or a fashion designer or a videogame maker or a animator *sights* I guess I did it wrong lol 
8th: My brother is out, living in another country for the first time in his,our lives, and idk it's weird to not heard him screaming because someone kill him in a game or it's talking with skype. The good thing is I can sleep fast without hearing him lol.
9th: this academic year is passing so fast that i'm not sure if it's bad or good.
10th: I'm stressed as...heeeelp. No seriously you have no idea.

And that's all for today cause I don't want to write anymore. Hopehopehope that by the next time I talk to you everything will be even better :)
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